Get growing Greenroyd 10th of July

By the time I arrived at Greenroyd Avenue shortly before nine oclock the sun was already shining on full beam, it was going to be a hot one today for sure. I checked the raised beds in the back garden of the Hub house, from a distance they looked ok, no damage or vandelism as in previous weeks until I noticed that whoever had been in the garden had pulled all of the radishes and left them on the surface of the soil, which seemed a little odd. None of the growers were about at this time so I set too potting on edible flowers, blackcurrant bushes and mixed salad pots. DCIM100MEDIA As the temperature hit twenty degree I began the pots and seed trays down the avenue, luckily everyone was now at home bar one so dropped off the pots at the different houses on the avenue and checked the progress of the growers fruit and veg, everything was growing really due to the fact that it seems like we are actually having something that resembles a proper summer this year, which of course will mean a greater level of produce for our growers.

In the afternoon sun

As sods law would have when I started with the heavier work of digging in fruit bushes and trees the sun retched up its temperature into the mid twenties, but thankfully at different times of the day various growers made me brews and gave me ice cold pints of water. DCIM100MEDIAAfter I finished the shovel Sayyid popped his head over Tracie’s fence and invited into his garden to look at the work he had been doing since last Thursday, I was amazed at what he had done, his sister had wanted a lawn so that her daughter would have somewhere safe to play in the back garden, and Sayyid wanted to grow food, so he laid the turf lawn for his Sister and planted out vegetable in the borders that surrounded the lawn, and for someone who never worked in a garden before he did a really good job it and had arranged the plants that needed more sun in the area that got most son, good work Sayyid! DCIM100MEDIAAfter checking out Sayyid’s garden I spent some time with Tracey picking bricks glass and other hardcore from her soil in preparation for another growing area, and the final job of the day was barrowing large pots down to our new grower who doesn’t finish work until 5pm.


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