Get growing Great Lever: Carrie ann and Dave

We caught with two of our growers Carrie ann and Dave recently as we had not seen them for a while because they needed very little in the way of help, and when we did catch up with them we were really buzzing at what they had managed to achieve in the garden despite neither of them having gardened before. 10519495_304005413100940_604437300658969257_n They have managed to grow potatoes, courgettes, salad stuff and as you can see from the picture, the climbing beans will be on their way very very soon. 10442467_304005573100924_4477977470012566469_nAnd it not only the growing that has been going well for them but Carrie Ann also tells me that Dave made an amazing potato salad with the spuds that they grew in their back garden. It is such a great thing for us when people take up food growing with the enthusiasm that they have, and really look forward to hooking up with them in the future and hearing of their growing and culinary tales as they continue to grow their own fresh home grown organic produce straight from their back garden and onto their plates.


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