Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard 7th July

Today is the first day of the ‘Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard’ project which is based at the HQ of local mental health charity Bolton Steps.  The project itself is a collaboration between ourselves and Bolton Steps and is it now one of many projects within Steps that their members are able to access alongside learning about cooking, catering, how to build a PC and their accredited IT training courses. The session began with tidying up the growing area and getting everything ready for some planting and sowing, here is a picture I took before we began the cleaning and tidying. DCIM100MEDIA

Preparing the growing trays

Lined up against the right hand wall of the Courtyard are a dozen old bread trays, the gowers picked out the weeds and roots of the plants that had gathered there and added layers of compost onto the existing soil, it is in this area where the main body of the plants with go once the seeds have germinated and grown to a healthy size. DCIM100MEDIA

Sowing seeds

With many hands working at the tidying and cleaning it only took around ten minutes to sort the area out before we moved onto the sowing of seeds in trays, for this we used a selection of ex – bakers trays and seed trays to house our new seeds, and DCIM100MEDIABecause of the time of year that this project began we sowed lettuce, beetroot, some herbs and radish. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the gentle and laid back pace of the seed sowing and the soft pitter-patter of light rain that only lasted for around a minute.

A good days gardening

As timing would have it, by the time all of the seeds were sown, and every bag of compost used up the session had drawn to a close, just before we all left I asked everyone how they had found the session and if they had enjoyed it, the answer was smiles all round and nodding heads, and everyone agreed to meet at the same time next Monday. DCIM100MEDIA






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