Gardening clinic @ Beechcroft community allotments 5th July

The Beechcroft growers really are a resourceful lot, when I first started working with this lovely bunch of people there was an issue with accessing water on the site, however this certainly isnt the case now as growers have been using their own initiative and bringing old discarded baths and containers onto the site to collect rainwater, this has worked really well for people on the site who now have access to water pretty much when they like due to all of the containers that are dotted about the site being full to the brim with rainwater. DCIM100MEDIA

making instead of buying

On top of the free water collectors that plot have found locally, two plot holders have also managed to make their own large fruit cage that cost them a couple of pounds for the netting, had they gone to a garden centre to buy such a large and robust fruit cage it could have easily cost them a hundred pounds or more, but once again their resourcefulness and creativity saved the day, and saved their money. DCIM100MEDIA

today’s workshop

One of the things I am trying to do aside from being on site for general advice about gardening is to run small workshops, this weeks workshop was about training beans to grow up supports and planting companions in the same beds as the beans so that the other plants might benefit from the nitrogen fixing qualities of the beans. DCIM100MEDIA


Growers on the Beechcroft site are very enthusiastic about their gardening and have been making Jams and preserves at home with the produce that they have cropped from their plots, I thought that I might add to their enthusiasm by bringing over some allotment and ‘grow your own’ magazines that were donated to us earlier in the year by two friends of ours from our site my own plots are situated, the magazines are full of tips about food growing and should come in handy for the growers as they build up their knowledge and skills. DCIM100MEDIA






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