Gardening clinic @ Red Lane community allotments 4th July

Todays session at the Red Lane community allotment site in Breighmet began with helping Dave to weed part of his growing area, we then sowed bean, spinach and lettuce seeds in his raised bed. As we spoke about different fruiting trees myself and Dave weeded the raised beds of one or two people who have been unable to attend and work their own beds. DCIM100MEDIAAnd as the Bolton weather would have it, it started to pour down with rain, but once again as was the case with yesterdays weather, it was a warm day which made the rain easily bearable, and as Alan one of the plot holders said of the rain and working in it ‘You only get wet once’ So we all just ignored the rain and carried on with our weeding and seeding. Alan took a break from his raised bed today to make a bird box for the back yard of the local UCAN centre that is situated within a two minute walk of the Red Lane site. DCIM100MEDIAHe has also made his own trellises and plants supports for his raised beds, and has made them for other community members on the site. Towards the end of the session we spoke about having facilities to make a brew with, I suggested that I do a rocket stove workshop at the next session in three weeks time, to which everyone agreed and said that they would go off and find a number of different sized that will be used to make the stoves at the session. So all in all, despite the rain today’s session went well with lots of work and good conversations about growing and making home brew going down and lots of lovely  healthy veggies being grown on the site.DCIM100MEDIA





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