Get growing Greenroyd: From No to Go

Today started with the usual glance up at the clouds as I tugged on my roll up and sipped on my green tea, a very ominous looking sky full of black rain clouds met my eye, buy hey, it wasn’t raining in the here and now and that’s all that matters. Once at Greenroyd Avenue Hub house, I flicked the switch of the kettle to make myself a quick brew before starting work, and as if by magic the clouds suddenly opened up and it began to rain, this was a problem as I had a large load of soil being delivered that needed to be put into raised beds today, or else there would be a good chance the soil would be stolen if I were to leave it outside the Hub house. DCIM100MEDIA I pondered for a minute or so and decided to just get on with it, it might well have been raining but it warm, and that was enough for me to get stuck in. So whilst it rained I filled seed trays with compost and sowed a load of cabbage, beetroot and the last packet of climbing beans, and laid the seed trays out on top of the bin to allow the plentiful supply of rain to water them and give them life.DCIM100MEDIA As the rain persisted to fall from the sky, the lorry carrying the soil turned up and dropped the load in the front carpark area, shortly after it turned up so to did Jamie with the wheel barrow he had promised to let me use for the day. Between us we barrowed a half a ton of soil up and down the hill, filling his raised bed in the process, I then barrowed the other half ton down to Tracie’s where I fixed her up a raised bed and filled it full of the said soil, Jamie and Tracie were now ready for action with their large soil filled raised beds. We wasted no time, Tracie Sayyid and myself filled her raised bed with the seedlings that had been growing in her small greenhouse. DCIM100MEDIA

Planting flowers

After filling the raised bed with cucumber plants, letture and beetroot, it was onto the front garden to plant some edible flowers in the small concrete bed that stood against the main front garden wall, Tracie and a young girl from next door teamed up to plant the nasturtiums, cornflowers and calendula. DCIM100MEDIA

A new grower on the block!

As I collected and tidied my tools away, the young girl in the photo to the left came up to me and said ‘Hello Steve, my Mum and Dad said its OK for me to grow some vegetables’ wasting no time, i went up to the Hub house and picked up half a dozen large pots containing various mixtures of salad leaves and lettuce to start them off with, the girls family will be quite easy to work with as the they eat a lot of fruit and vegetables at home, so I am really looking forward to helping them continue to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, but this time round they will be able to walk out into the back garden and pick their own instead of driving out of Breightmet, which for all intent and purposes a food desert where fresh produce is concerned.


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