Environmental event @ Breightmet UCAN centre

Firstly, a big thank you to Lisa Forrest for inviting me to the Breightmet UCAN centre for their environmental event today, much respect! My work at the centre today was all about running a small scale gardening workshop in the backyard of the UCAN centre as part of their wider annual environmental event. The day began quietly with myself and a local resident weeding the raised beds at either side of the yard in preparation for the plants to go into later on.  DCIM100MEDIA It wasn’t long before there was around a dozen people crammed into the small yard, all of whom were interested and keen to either try out gardening for the first time, or were picking up the potting trowel again after years of it being hung up in the garden shed standing idle.  Within a two hour period we had made up and given away dozens of window sill salad trays made up with cut and come again leaf varieties, and around a hundred assorted pots containing climbing and dwarf beans and spinach. DCIM100MEDIAWhilst we were making up the pots conveyer style a group of local lads gardened away in the back ground and filled the raised beds full of flowers and vegetables which were donated to the event by a local garden centre earlier in the day. There was such a buzz at this small community event with lots of people coming in and out of the yard for free veg pots, or just to chill out for a brew and a chat with other community members who had attended the event. DCIM100MEDIA I think that judging by the numbers of people today who passed through the yard so to speak that food growing and gardening in Breightmet will really take off next season, and lets hope that it does in a big way so that it can provide residents with their own supply of cleanly grown organic produce fresh from their own gardens, which during these times of extreme economic turmoil and uncertainty will help to sustain people and their families with some semblance of health and well being. And on that note it just leaves me to say Get growing Breightmet!


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