Get growing Greenroyd 26th June

Just before I arrived at Greenroyd Avenue my thoughts were focusing on the previous weeks vandalism, hoping that the local youth had decided not to bother attacking the Hub garden, by the time I arrived, opened up the shutters and went out into the back gardening I was amazed to find that someone had untied some of the supports that I had put on the bean canes, it was quite a puzzlingl moment when I noticed that whoever had untied the poles had only done it to every other pole on both raised beds, a moment of surreal vandalism!

Potting and seeding for the growers

Although interacting with the residents of Greenroyd Avenue is a major element to my work, I always make sure that I have large pots of seedlings or plants ready for when I pay visits to their respective homes, and today I prepared large pots with mixed salad stuff, carrots and radish seed, my growers always like it when I knock on their door with my hands full of pots and gardening stuff. DCIM100MEDIA

A busy afternoon

After a fairly laid back but fruitful morning of sowing, growing and watering, and a quick catch up with Lisa and Tony from Bolton at Home, the afternoon all of a sudden got very busy, it began with me toing and froing between different growers houses with large pots, seed trays, grow bags and canes, then a quick meeting with Filmmaker Ed from with a view to making a few short films that promote and explain what our work is about in Bolton,  then it was down to Jamie’s to do some seed sowing with his daughter, then up to number 8 Greenroyd Avenue to have a quick chat with one of our new growers, it ended up that this particular resident only really wanted to grow flowers, so I ended up doing a friendly and mutual deal with her along the lines of ‘If you grow some veg in pots, I will get you will some flowers and flower seed’ She agreed with this so I dropped up some pre-sown salad and carrot pots in her front garden. DCIM100MEDIAThen it was back up to Tracey’s to bag up some rubble, and check out her seedlings and strawberry plants. And my final visit of the day was to see Rick and his partner who joined us two weeks ago, I gave rick some advice on seed sowing and watering, and of course dropped off some pre-sown pots of various edibles.


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