Get growing Greenroyd: smoothing out the glitches

I arrived at the Hub house on Greenroyd Avenue to find that the two raised beds in the back garden had been vandalized, the wheelbarrow had disappeared and so too had the large plastic watering can, a little of this is to be expected but what pissed me off and frustrated me a little is the food growing in the raised beds would have fed people who were struggling financially, and similarly, the lads who vandalized the raised beds would have also been from families who were struggling, but despite these little glitches most of the morning was spent replanting and repairing the raised beds and potting or various fruit and vegetables for distribution to the Greenroyd growers in the afternoon. DCIM100MEDIA

Hooking up with the growers

In the afternoon I went down to see Tracey, and her family and was amazed at the amount of work that they had done clearing rubble, broken glass and old bed springs from the soil in their back garden. We planted out some cabbages from seed trays that Tracey’s son Leon had sown from seed a month ago straight into her raised bed. DCIM100MEDIA

from A to B

Now that the watering can had mysteriously disappeared I urgently needed to water the raised beds, spud sacks and large containers, the only vessel available to me was an empty two litre mineral water bottle, I lost count of how many journeys I made to the kitchen to fill the bottle up, but after a while I had managed to give everything a good watering. As a result of the wheel barrow disappearing from the Hub house I was now in a quandary as to how to carry some of the large main crop potato sacks from the hub house down to Tracey’s garden, as I mulled over the situation Tracey asked me if I wanted to use one of her childrens prams, problem solved! DCIM100MEDIA🙂

 first crop of the season

Its always a buzz when it comes to the cropping of the first thing that you have ever grown, and today was one of those buzz days, Tracey had decided to crop her first bag of first early potatoes that she would later cook as part of her evening meal. DCIM100MEDIA


After bumping in Jamie and his daughter on the way back to the Hub house from Traceys I decided to offload yet more strawberries on him, his daughters love gardening, so offloading stuff isn’t such a problem in this particular household.

New Growers

Towards the end of my working day I called at Ricks house and dropped off a plastic three tier greenhouse and half a dozen large plant pots containing peppers, courgettes, and strawberry plants. Since I first met Rick last week he has already cleared a lot of rubbish and rubble from his garden which is a great start and a great level of enthusiasm. So what started as a bit of a wobbly day ended up running smoothly and back on track towards the end of the day.


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