Our new project @ Bolton Steps

I am delighted to announce that after meeting with members of Bolton Steps earlier today, we will be delivering a weekly gardening session to their members and service users beginning in two weeks time. Bolton Steps are a charity based in Victoria Hall in the centre of Bolton who offer help and support to people with a wide variety of mental health issues.bolton steps logo Service users at Bolton Steps can engage in some of the many services and micro projects within Bolton Steps including working at the Fix-IT project where donations of older computers are taken and modernized, and sold to the public at affordable prices, service users are also able to engage and interact in other activities whilst at Bolton Steps such as gaining skills and confidence in the projects Cafe Eden or in their catering and buffet service. People who access the services of Bolton Steps learn new skills, meet new people and gain confidence and well being from their interaction with the project.

Gardening and well being

It is a well known fact that gardening and contact with nature has a positive effect on our mental well being and our general well being as human beings,  for many it is working outside, it is the nurturing and care of the plant, or it is the gentle pace and sensory please of gardening on a nice day, usually it is all of these things, so with this in mind our sessions will be gentle, laid back and cram packed full of useful and interesting learning for those who join us. well beingWe will be running these sessions until the autumn, the sessions themselves will take place in the Courtyard space at Victoria Hall  dates for the sessions will be announced next week, we are really looking forward to this work and have a good feeling about it.



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