Growing clinic @ Beechcroft community allotments 14th June

Today session at Beechcroft community allotment site began almost as soon as people arrived on site, today’s session was mainly centred around a rocket stove workshop that I had promised to put on. In order to make the stove community members had scoured their local area and provided the tins needed to make this simple demo stove. DCIM100MEDIAThe session consisted of talking about the origins of rocket stove technology in ancient Rome, followed by their use in the modern world as a low impact high high efficiency method of heating and cooking used in Africa and in low impact groups and communities in the UK and Europe. After the talk and some question and answer time I made the stove using my usual scissers and tin snips, the stove itself was quite a tricky affair to make and it ended up taking almost an hour to make. Once it was ready to use excited kids on the site asked whether or not we could use the stove straight away, so we ended up boiling a pan of water and it was cups of tea all round. DCIM100MEDIAAfter the rocket stove workshop we had a 45 minute question and answer session about different ways of growing things, companion planting and soil health, two of the women who had previous sought advice about how to keep bugs off their vegetables, I advised them to grow a mixed variety of vegetables so as to confuse the mono-colour vision of some insects, and to dot some Marigolds and calendula plants around the bed that would act in a sacrificial way to attract bug to them and not to the vegetables, this had certainly had a good effect on their raised bed as their was very little in way of damage to their crops as you can see from the picture belowDCIM100MEDIA. Today was a great session, with lots of laughs and learning. This community are going places but it certainly isn’t to the overpriced supermarket malls to buy chemically saturated nutrient deficient fruit and vegetables.



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