Gardening clinic @ Red Lane community allotments 13th June

When I arrived the Red lane site in Breightmet there was already a flurry of activity with raised bed holders barrowing stuff two and fro between their beds. Some of the issues on the site today is proliferation of plants that are perceived as weeds, so to remedy this, some of these plants have not yet developed seeds and so because of this we used them as a surface mulch, and something that plotholders could put around their strawberries to keep off the soil. Since my last visit everyone’s raised beds have really grown like wildfire and growers are actually managing to start taking some of their produce home. DCIM100MEDIAAlthough water is still an issue on the site, Bolton at Home have provided another water butt, which will go someway towards alleviating this problem, I also suggested to the people on the site that if they any old baths that have been thrown onto skips that they bring them down to the site to collect rain water. DCIM100MEDIAThe comfrey plant food that we made on my last visit to the site is now being used by plotholders and this is probably what has contributed greatly to the very healthy plants that most raised bed holders are growing. I worked with four different growers today, advising them on seed sowing, no dig methods and companion planting, all in all a good session.


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