Get growing Great Lever: Gardening with Michelle and Trevor

We started working with Michelle and Trev at the onset of spring, both have gardened before, and both have grown their own food before, so working with them has been a case of simply dropping kit off at their house and leaving them to do their thing, which has freed us up time wise to work with less experienced growers.  So today was really just a quick catch up to see how their fruit and veggies were coming on, as I walked into their back garden I was amazed at the growth and fertility of their plants and immediately started snapping pictures for this blog. DCIM100MEDIA

Food for all the family

Just looking at the sheer volume and variety of vegetables that are growing in Michelle and Trev’s garden it is fairly safe to say that they will have a lot of vegetables coming in at various times in the growing season, their produce is grown a few yards away from their kitchen and will be the freshest produce in Great Lever in terms of the time taken from getting their veggies from Garden to plate. DCIM100MEDIA

Common sense gardeners

As Michelle and Trev have gardened before they have been creative in their use of growing vessels, in the picture on the left, they have utilized and old children’s sandpit on legs, which now houses a crop of cabbages, in the picture below Michelle has used some hessian sacks that she picked up at a recent local car boot sale, she uses one or two of the sacks to grow potatoes in, and has also stuck pepper plants into one of the sacks by making holes at various points. DCIM100MEDIAFor us it is really great to see that Michelle and Trev have taken up gardening again, and at such an amazing speed, at this rate, I myself might be knocking on their door in autumn for some of their main crop potatoes, hats off to Michelle and Trev!


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