Get Growing Greenroyd: Bank holiday Mondays work

Due the rain hindering some of my work on Greenroyd Avenue last week and sending me scurrying into my poly tunnel to sow seeds for our growers, I decided that because the Sun was out and shining at 7am this morning that I would go up to Greenroyd Avenue in Breightmet to continue my work whilst I could. After arriving in Breightmet just before nine O’clock I immediately set about the filling the raised beds with the soil that had been delivered the previous week,  it didnt take long to fill the beds once I got into a flow with the heavy old school wheel barrow, when the beds were full I built up the canes ready for the climbing beans and stuck a row of courgettes in,DCIM100MEDIA and with almost perfect timing, Jamie and his kids turned up at the hub house and we immediately set to work planting strawberries with Jamie’s youngest daughter Tegan who really is a very keen gardener nowadays and always jumps in potting trowel first whenever gardening is mentioned. DCIM100MEDIA

Spuds R Us!

Not being one to ever waste resources, there was a load of main crop seed potatoes still looking for homes, and despite the lateness in the year I have no doubt that they will still grow and produce a yield, there was enough seed potatoes to fill the 10 potato planters that I had stashed under the stairs of the hub house. DCIM100MEDIAAfter a very quick lunch I walked down the Avenue to see Tracey and her family and gave them a double tier strawberry planter that I had prepared earlier filling it with compost and strawberry plants, which will provide them with strawberries towards the end of summer after most other soft fruits have been cropped. Tracey and her partner have cleared the best part of their garden at the back ready for the raised bed to go in next week, so all is good with this family of growers.

A warm Welcome to our new growers!

Whilst chatting to Tracey in her back garden about where she would like her raised bed, she introduced me to her neighbour Syyid with whom I quickly struck up a conversation about some of the different fruit and vegetables that we are able to grow in the UK’s temperate climate compared to his native Iran, after a few minutes of chatting he said he was interested in growing fruit, vegetables and flowers in his garden at home, which he shares with his mother and sister, so it was back up to the hub house to get some kit for our new growers. What touched me about working with this family for the first time, and without going into too much detail is that they have had it really hard during the last few decades, a hardness that we would be unable to imagine, and now that they feel safe they really want to turn their house into a home, and in their garden I will certainly help them to do this and will give them some of my own flowers that I am growing at home to start them off. DCIM100MEDIASo all in all another great day working with the good folk of Greenroyd Avenue.




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