Get Growing Greenroyd 22nd May

As usual on a Thursday morning I was up at around 7am, no sooner had I began drinking my first brew of the day when the heavens opened and down came the rain with some force. Not to be put off too much by the rain I continued to get ready to make my way up to Breightmet, it stopped raining and then started again. When I arrived at Greenroyd Avenue I opened up the shutters and got all of my gardening stuff from under the stairs, and guess what, no sooner had I taken the shovels and pots outside it began to rain again. Some minutes after the rain stopped my delivery of soil arrived, the bags were placed in the back garden by a very skilled driver who guided the HIAB over the garden fence like it was nothing. DCIM100MEDIA Once the soil was dropped, the next job was to water the seedlings that were in the plastic greenhouse.

Visiting the Growers

I called on Tracy and her young Son, had a chat with her and her partner who has agreed to help out with the setting up of the garden, I also dropped some herb starter growing kits and a watering can off, Then further on down the road to Jamie’s to catch up with him and check his plants out, I knocked for a few minutes, there was no answer, and then it started to rain again,  I  was now left with the choice of staying in Breightmet, and getting even wetter than I already was, and not very  much done, or I went to my allotment plot and continued to see lots of seeds for the Greenroyd Growers, I decided on this, at least I could a lot more work done, and the seed sowing would ensure that there was plenty to go round for the growers. DCIM100MEDIA Even as I sat in the warmth and dryness of the polytunnel, the rain pounded on the polythene cover above me, I had made the right decision, at least I could ignore the rain and carry on my work here and get a lot more done than if I had made the decision to stay in Breightmet. DCIM100MEDIA






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