Get Growing Great Lever: New growers in the Hood!

Last week we hooked up with two new growers Lea and Daz who live within a 3 minute walk of our house in Great Lever. Lea and Daz wasted no time and soon got to work with the seed sowing and fruit bush planting only minutes after we dropped the kit off, they worked with a sense of keenness that I believe will lead them on to be true urban gardeners and food growers. 10339588_1509997339228294_3363126474556563778_nAnd considering neither of them have had a great deal of gardening experience, they seem to have taken to gardening quite naturally and will no doubt grow some lovely healthy produce this season for their family. 10341841_1509997379228290_5144335666381137878_n

As with the work we are currently doing in Breightmet, this couple of budding of gardeners will be involving their children in their food growing, we have a number of strawberry plants put to the side for their daughter to plant in an ornamental wooden well in the garden, and if they are up for it and its OK with Mum and Dad they can have their own little selections of herbs to grow on their kitchen windowsills. It was a pleasure to work briefly with our new growers, looking forward to hooking up with them in the very near future.


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