Community roots project update

The day began with a few faint attempts at rain, after these attempts subsided the sun came out on full beam and we spent the best part of the morning wheel barrowing the three tons of soil into the raised beds on the site. Not a big turn out today in terms of growers, probably due to people thinking it was going to rain all day, but despite this we carried on slowly plodding away in the sun, it was great to see Karen our oldest grower turn up, she and Gareth sowed many hundreds of seeds whilst myself and Chris Wood worked away at moving the compost. DCIM100MEDIAAs we approached lunchtime Big Phil a local lad turned up at the site, we provided Phil with some compost and some seeds to start off his own growing area in his back garden, we worked with Phil a little last year when we gave him some willow and strawberry spinach, but this year he is keen to expand his vegetable growing, and we will help him as much as we able to.

Growing workshop resources on site

Later in the summer we will be running a number of workshops that show local residents who to grow and make things from the plants that they have grown, one workshop that we will be running is making a variety of preparations from Hops, we have two, two year old hop rhizomes on site this year busy growing a couple of inches a day in large pots that are propped up against our shelter, these hops plants will grow up the shelter and onto the roof, and will be readily available to use once they have cropped. DCIM100MEDIAThe hop plant you can see in the picture to the left looks quite small and innocent at the moment, but believe me, this baby is really going for it in the growth stakes and by August no doubt the plants vines will be around fifteen to twenty feet long, which will give us enough hops to run our workshops with.


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