Growing clinic @ Beechcroft community allotments May 10th

Another wet and rainy start to the day, but knowing gardeners as I do they will be undeterred by this and will turn up to these sessions regardless. The first gardeners arrived at the site at eleven oclock on the nail, and yes it rained not long afterwards, but people slowly began turning up at the site until there was around 8 people working on their raised beds. First things first, keeping the kids occupied, and with a different group of kids here than the last session it was time to get out the seed bomb making kit out and rustle together a  mix. DCIM100MEDIAworking with young people for me is an easy and rewarding task, I explained them how and why we were making the seedbombs and left them to it, which they made a great job of, and they even had time to paint their faces with some of the clay mixture which had them all smiling and laughing. DCIM100MEDIABut it just goes to show that they can have great fun and carry out a task that none of them have ever done before, and by the end of the seed bomb making session one young girl proudly carried the bombs on a tray over to the drying area under the water butt shelter. DCIM100MEDIA

Ideas for a future group

After the messy fun of the seedbomb workshop it was time work with the grown ups, one of the plot holders came up with the idea of their small group of friends who have known each other for decades forming themselves into an informal community food growing group, this bunch of old friends really think that they can pull it off, and because they have known each other for a long time they each know how the other members of the group work, I certainly think that they could do it and have offered them my support in helping them with a basic model Constitution and some guidance on setting up a community bank account if the decide to go down this path.

Tasks to be completed

Plotholders also decided themselves that they needed some tasks setting that they could get their teeth into until we next get together in three weeks time. So I have left them with instructions on to sow a variety of brassica and bean/pea seeds which they will share out amongst themselves once the seeds have grown into plants. I have also asked all to look out for different sized discarded tins so that we are able to make a rocket stove for the site so that plot holders dont have to go home for a brew or something to eat, meaning that they can remain on site and use the stove to cook and boil water

Training/Nursery beds?

One idea that we agreed would be very beneficial for the plot holders was looking at the idea of turning one or two of the empty beds into a space that could serve as a learning zone, these beds would also act as a nursery for young plants, I will be running this by Bolton at Home who manage the site, during the week to see if this is possible as many on the site are keen to learn gardening in a direct and hands on way and by have one or two beds as educational resources we would be able to achieve this.


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