Get growing Greenroyd: The Rain never stopped play

Today I should have been traveling up to Breightmet to work with local residents who are trying to grow their own food on one of the Avenues on the estate, but as I got my kit together last night I glanced at the weather report for Thursday and the prospect of it intermittently pissing it down at various points in the day were very high, indeed when I woke this morning at 7am the skies were chucking down their watery load with some considerable vigour. I couldn’t let the rain stop my work, despite having cancelled my trip to Breightmet until next week on account of it being unrealistic asking families with small children to work in the rain, I decided that a trip up to my allotment plot to sow seeds for the Breightmet Project was a good workable alternative. DCIM100MEDIA

Sowing seeds for community

And so, as the rain pounded and hammered out a beat on the polythene cover of the polytunnel I sat quietly in the corner and filled seed trees with compost and seeds. As I sat dropping seeds into the cells of the trays I imaged the journey that there were about to go on, they would spend around 3 weeks in the Polytunnel before making their way to Breightmet as plants, after which they will end up rooted into the raised beds of community members, and with some care and attention, and more rain, they will fruit and fill the bellies of residents on the estate. DCIM100MEDIA

Seeds and Supermarkets

Sometimes the things that are most useful and easy are the hardest things to see and bring into fruition, such as growing your own food at home, as community workers and active citizens we can only hope that when a small number of community members realize how great it is to walk out into the back gardens and pick their evening meal straight out of the ground knowing exactly where its come from with a cost of only a few pence that they turn their back on supermarkets and in so doing leaving more money in their own pockets, and be a lot healthier as a result of growing their own. And when that small number of community members start talking to their neighbours and friends food growing will suddenly escalate as it has done within the small confines of our estate where there are now half a dozen people growing within a stones throw of a walk. That’s enough from me today, time to get back to the plot and sow some more seeds, and as I type this final line its just started raining again, but rain doesn’t stop play here, the rain brings fertility!


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