Community roots project update: 6/05/14

When we arrived on the site this morning the weather was looking a little ominous to say the least, but as people began arriving at the site the sun came out and everything sprang into life. Today’s session was attended by a new grower Paz who lives fairly locally, Paz is keen to learn gardening from scratch and in particular the cultivation of herbs and vegetables that are used in vegetarian Indian cuisine, Paz’s wife who by all accounts as an excellent cook and specializes in Indian vegetarian cookery, so during the coming months we will be working with paz so he is able to grow the ingredients to match his wife’s culinary skills.  DCIM100MEDIAMuch of today was about planting and sowing beans, radishes, and a short tour and discussion about the benefits of perennial vegetables set against a backdrop of peak oil and climate change.

Our work ethic

Unlike the prevailing protestant work ethic that underpins peoples of ideas of work in Europe and the West, we take an entirely different approach, instead of working and running ourselves into the ground as soon as we arrive at the site, the first thing that we do is to take a break, have a cup of tea and a smoke, and then the work begins, we find that by working this way people are able to relax a little more with more their work, which in turn leads to a productive days work from all involved. DCIM100MEDIATalking on the job is also encouraged on our project, gardening and food growing is a celebration of being human and we see peoples talking whilst they work as being part of the celebration of this. After todays session, myself, Chris Wood and Ricardo went over to Karens, our oldest grower and helped her out a little with her garden as she explained how we can best help her out in the coming months, so all in all, a great days gardening on a lovely sunny day.


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