Get growing Great Lever: working with Karen

Part of our multi faceted food growing project is carrying our outreach work by visiting members of our local community and helping them to grow food in the their own yards and gardens. After we had finished working on our community roots hub at Southfields this morning we went over to see Karen who is the oldest of our growers being over 70 years of age, and she has really gone to town this year with the food growing element of gardening, she has literally sown hundreds of different vegetable seeds in her small walk in greenhouse, on her kitchen window sills and in pots in her back garden. DCIM100MEDIAOur job today with Karen was drilling and mounting wall brackets for hanging baskets which she intends to fill with strawberries and tumbling tomatoes during the coming weeks, she has also asked us to dig up a triangular section in her garden to enable her to plant out here grown veggies during late may, we will be carrying out this job for Karen next week, as todays visit was really about seeing which ways we could help her out without interfering with her independence and mobility. Since attending our community gardening sessions in later 2013 Karen has now become a very active and avid gardener and is keen to grow as much diverse produce as she is able to within certain parts of her garden, from our side of things it is an absolute pleasre being able to work with someone with such a lot of life experience and stories to tell, and we hope that she continues gardening for the foreseeable future, and as you can see from the picture, she is extremely proud of her efforts so far, and to match her sterling efforts we will continue to support her in whatever ways we are able to, hats off to Karen a real determined women of the community!  DCIM100MEDIA




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