Bolton Urban Growers @ Daisy Dell community celebration

Today was the Daisy Dell communities annual May Bank holiday celebration, where folk on the estate let there hair down and have a good time. The Daisy Dell community are part of a council estate in Bolton where residents along with some help from local housing charity Bolton at Home have taken over some disused land on the estate and turned into a thriving community garden that is full of fruit trees, fruit bushes and a host of perennial and annual plants, it location serves as a hub for people on the estate to access as recreational land, or to become involved in the gardening aspects of the Project . DCIM100MEDIABolton Urban Growers were invited to the event to do a seedbomb workshop the kids, the idea is simple, the kids make seed bombs then they go around their local area throwing the seedboms on pieces of derelict land, and weather permitting there will be a selection of wild flower springing forth from the seedbombs to help to brighten up the estate, we did this session last year and it went down really with the kids living on the estate. This year was no different the kids came over in their droves and we made hundreds of seed bombs. DCIM100MEDIAAfter all of the mixture was quickly used up and made into the small round balls, we left them on a rock to dry in the sun so that the kids could collect them later on in the day and take some home with them. DCIM100MEDIAFrom Bolton Urban Growers perspective we see kids making seed bombs as a positive, whilst we were making them we had conversations with the kids about soil, and about attracting bees and other pollinators into the area, interestingly we had conversations with some kids who had believed that soil was dirty, after one kid explaining to others that our vegetables were grown in soil so it couldn’t be dirty this myth of soil being dirty soon went. Another aspect of this project that interests us is that it has started some residents growing their own food and keeping chickens in the gardens, which when you consider that people on this estate are being hit hard by the Governments ideologically inspired cuts to social provision, so every piece of food grown here and every egg laid makes a real difference in terms of well being. DCIM100MEDIA




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