Get growing Greenroyd: seeds start to germinate!

Today is Thursday the 24th of April and its time to travel up to Breightmet to work with some of the residents on Greenroyd Avenue who are keen to try to grow their own food in their front and back gardens. The Kids are off school this week so its a good time to get working with them on their respective gardens, first port of call today is working with a young family who have recently moved onto the avenue, as with most young kids Leon was keen to sow some seeds with me and his Mum Tracy.DCIM100MEDIA In the few hours that I spent with Leon and Tracy we sowed hundreds of different vegetable seeds into seed trays ready to go into their small upright greenhouse which Leons Dad was putting together later on in the day. After all of the seeds were sown we planted a plum tree in Tracys back garden and some young fruit bushes that will yield fruit much later in the summer on the run up to autumn. After the fruit trees and bushes were planted DCIM100MEDIALeon continued his new found interest in gardening by planting some first early potatoes in a growbag. If we can inspire and help the kids to learn how to garden it is one of the best life skills that they could possibly have when thinking about the prevailing problems of access to cleanly grown food that is constantly rising in price. DCIM100MEDIA

After leaving Tracy and Leons house it is was a short walk down the avenue to work with Jamie and his kids, like Tracy Jamie and his family are keen to grow a lot of their own produce in their front garden, and when I arrived at their house, the kids were already sorting out the seed trays and grow bags. One of Jamie’s daughters planted some peas in a large pot with his young Son, and fitted it out with stakes for the peas to climb up. DCIM100MEDIABetween Jamies kids they earthed up some potatoes in a grow bag, planted and prepared large pea pots, sowed dozens of seeds in seed trays, and to finish the day off they planted a plum tree in the side bit of their front garden, all in all a great days working connecting with folk on the estate, we are all looking forward to next week when we can roll our sleeves up and get stuck in growing our own food. DCIM100MEDIA





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