Growing clinic @ Beechcroft community allotments

Beechcroft community allotment site is situated in the middle of a Council estate in Darcy Lever in Bolton, the plot holders each have one or two large raised beds in which they grow fruit and vegetables. The site itself is managed and supported by housing charity Bolton at Home. Today’s session was a little slow to start with only one or two residents turning up at 11am, but by 12 oclock around 8-10 people had turned up and were tending to their respective beds. DCIM100MEDIASome of the problems that this site suffers with we will attempt to deal with as they sessions progress, the main concern of many plot holders is access to water, we will be looking at different ways of harvesting water on the site as a means of addressing this issue. Another issue and a familiar one for all gardeners is dealing with plants that are perceived as weeds, luckily on this site there are few people who have have knowledge of making different preparations with some of the plants, such as dandelions and stinging nettle, and much later on the year I will run a  workshop for plot-holders on how to make a coffee substitute from the dried and toasted seeds of cleavers of which there are many on the site growing amongst the stinging nettles.

Keeping the young ones stimulated and entertained

When ever there are young people on allotment project sites, there is always a need to get them involved in growing in which ways we able to, today was no exception so we did an impromptu seed bomb making sDCIM100MEDIAsession with two young lads on the site, after only a short amount of time the lads had made around 50 seed bombs which they laid out to dry on top of one of the raised beds where they had been making them. After they had finished one of the lads asked where they should be put, I answered by saying that if they come across any scruffy and untidy bits of neglected grass on the estate that they chuck them there. DCIM100MEDIA





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