Get growing Greenroyd: New Shoots

So here we are in week three of the ‘Get Growing Greenroyd’ project in Breightmet Bolton, and today is when things have started to gather a little momentum with the arrival of a delivery of timber for making raised vegetable beds in the gardens of our growers. DCIM100MEDIAThe morning was spent measuring up and cutting the timber to size for two raised beds for the gardens of numbers 26-28. DCIM100MEDIAand one that we put together late on with Jamie and his kids in his front garden, the remainder of the timber is cut to size in kit form ready for our new growers.

Sprouting seeds

The afternoon was all about working with Greenroyd residents, Jamie, and his daughter did a great job of putting their raised bed together in their front garden which will house their crop of vegetables this yearDCIM100MEDIA.

Once the bed was put together, we all set about sowing the seeds that Jamie’s kids had selected, between the four of us many hundreds of seeds of different varieties of vegetable seeds were sown into seed trays and stacked in their greenhouse.


After having a great and productive time with Jamie and his kids, the last call of the day was a visit to see a young family who have just moved into number 12 to drop some mini seed kits off for the children so that they are able to grow their own vegetables on their kitchen window sills, and after speaking with the children’s Mum she had decided that she would like to go the whole hog and jump in at the deep end with a full growing kit of raised beds, trees, fruit shrubs, herbs etc. I really admire this young Mothers get up and go and enthusiasm for wanting to grow and turn her garden into a productive plot, and we will help her to achieve this in what ever way we can through continual support throughout the growing season.


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