Community Roots project update

Ive not touched written base for a while to talk a little about how our Community Roots project is going down on the old tennis courts of Southfields Pub in Great Lever.  Things are pretty much as you would expect for this time of year, busy busy busy. With the tree planting now over we have been concentrating on adding the final touches to our shelter, DCIM100MEDIA sowing seeds, and making hugelkultur beds where we simply filled some of our larger raised beds with logs, branches and twigs which we covered with compost early last week, this method of gardening  should provide us with up to a decade of fertile soil due to the usable nutrients created as the wood decomposes under the soil, this type of bed also holds retains water well, which is essential on a site like ours that has no tap to provide us with water.

Today’s session was a real mixed and diverse group of interesting people, there were growers, volunteers,  students of placement and community development workers all mucking in and getting their hands dirty. There is a growing realization across many disciplines that engaging communities in the development of local resources such as food growing has multifunctional benefits as it feeds people with high quality, high nutrient food that has cost virtually nothing to produce and provides a high level of general human well being. well being



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