Get growing Great Lever: working with our first growers

Food is our common ground, a universal experience – James Beard

During the last few weeks we have been busy looking for local residents who are keen to grow their own food in their gardens and yards, today, April the 9th is first day that we have connected with local people on our estate who are keen to grow their own. Like everywhere else in the North of England, our area is being hit very hard by imposed austerity measures and cuts to social provision, and our first growers are quite aware of this fact and have chosen to take up growing their own fruit and veg as a means of ensuring that both themselves and their children are able to have access to cleanly produced locally grown food.   DCIM100MEDIAGrowers who take up the opportunity to work with us get a fruit tree, some fruit bushes, a small greenhouse and a raised bed, and as you can see from the picture, Gareth our first grower is keen to get stuck in as he digs the hole where his plum tree will go. One thing we did notice when we dug down was the quality of the soil, which has remained largely undisturbed for some time, this will make our job a lot easier in terms of growing things, fertile healthy soil, means an abundance of fresh home grown produce. DCIM100MEDIAWe will visit Gareth and Beccy again next week and will help them to set up their greenhouse so that they are then able to sow seeds with one of their children whom Gareth informs is a budding Alan Titchmarsh and a keen gardener.


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