Get growing Great Lever Spring 2014

For a while now we have been looking at the idea of how best to help people in our area to grow their own food set against a backdrop of imposed and ideological cuts to social provision. A few years back we came up with the idea of putting together a growing kit for residents in our area to enable them to grow some of their dietary intake at home, this first pilot project was difficult in that we had problems finding people to take up our offer of free growing kit and support, however since the global banking sector has made such a reckless mess of the economy and our Neoliberal political leaders are making us pay for this mess we believe that there will be a greater take up of growing kits in our area, and up to now our hunch has been correct, we already have around 4 people on our estate alone who are willing to take up our offer. pauls garden 001 The picture you see at the side of this writing was part of our first pilot project which we carried out in one of the most neglected and economically disadvantaged streets in Great Lever where we live, residents of this street managed to grow their own strawberries, peas and tomatoes, but alas with poor quality housing and over inflated rents, many residents of this street have now moved on.

So back to 2014 and the here and now, we have now started buying up kit ready for the second phase of ‘Get Growing Great Lever’ and we believe that if residents of Great Lever take up our offer they will not regret it, and they will no longer be at the mercy of profit hungry supermarkets and stock market gambling on the price of food stapes.

By the time I next log into this blog, we will be working with local residents in their gardens and yards, and will be showing them how to grow, prepare and preserve their own food that they have grown at home. The primitive binary thinking that currently dominates the three market friendly political parties doesn’t care for the welfare of people at the bottom of the economic pile, where as we do, and we will do all in our power to ensure that people get to eat their own freshly grown organic produce straight from their back yards. ron- finley-gardening-memeOur long term aim with this pilot project is to remove people from the global food market, towards a more local way of doing things, so that they will never again be forced into a position where they have to decide whether to eat or heat themselves.


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