Rocket stove workshop for Lancashire Wildlife Trust, 15/02/2014

I was absolutely bowled over when Lancashire Wildlife trust invited me to put on a Rocket stove workshop at the Hive in Mossbank Park in Bolton, for me this meant two things, the proliferation of Rocket stove usage, and secondly the chance to connect with a local Wildlife Group who’s valuable work I have a great deal of admiration for. 2014-02-15 Rocket Stove Workshop (1)

The session began at around ten thirty, I spoke about the history of the ideas and technology behind rocket stoves, their many uses, and the reasons why they are becoming so popular in a world of scarce resources, particularly fuel. I would like to say a big thank you to Lancashire Wildlife Trust, and Anna Clayton in particular for looking us up and booking us for this event. As a tutor of some ten years it has been rare that I have had the chance to engage in such positive hands on learning due to the restrictions put on teaching styles by our institutions, and I will remember this session for a long time to come, and hope that there might be the chance of more partnership work like this in the future. 2014-02-15 Rocket Stove Workshop (2)

And to finally return to the subject of rocket stoves, if anyone is struggling to pay their utility bills and are reluctant to use their gas cookers to cook on, then it is worthwhile making a smoke free efficient rocket stove which can lit quickly and easily, and this will cook your tea for you without you having to cough up money to the utility companies, from March until October a good deal of cooking that I do at home is done my rocket stove in the back garden, its good fun, its just as quick as gas cooker, and its completely free. 2014-02-15 Rocket Stove Workshop (6)




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