Rocket Stove workshop: Outreach

Rocket stoves are designed to maximize the burn in the fuel chamber, they also burn away the toxins associated with a traditional fire due to the intense heat that is generated inside the stove, they are also extremely low carbon in terms of emissions, and it is for these reasons why rocket stoves have gathered together a great deal of interest in the last decade, in deed when I myself was searching for the design of a fire that was ecologically sound I too was drawn towards the rocket stove, and from that point on in the early 2000s I began to make and design my own stoves.

Networking with local networks

We were asked by local allotment network if we could deliver a rocket stove workshop at their site just outside of the parameters of Bolton, I was delighted at the offer and we ran a workshop on their community site, which was well attended.

DCIM100MEDIAThe site itself is situated in Wigan and is well used by local residents seeking to grow their own food and other resources, this is slowly happening all over the UK on pieces of disused and derelict land, and is something that should be continually pushed and promoted as Governments take communities deeper and deeper into structured austerity and massive cuts to social provision.

Stoves for a low impact future

The workshop was held in a large poly tunnel, by the end of the session every participant had made and took home their own rocket stove, I provided the tools and safety gloves and a little guidance and the participants got on with it and eagily cut at the tin and crafted and shaped their own stoves, a good time was had by all, and a good number of those participating have requested that we do more workshops, which of course we are more than willing to do. DCIM100MEDIA



Make it yourself

By the end of the session there was smiles all round, there is something very satisfying about making something useful with your hands and a few simple tools, and the participants seemed excited to get their rocket stoves home and give them a try, all in all a great day, great fun and people have something that they can use at home in their gardens and yards. DCIM100MEDIA




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