Made in Great Lever

There must be dozens and dozens of folk in Great Lever that are able to make things, when I say make things, I am referring to those talented and skilled members of our community who bake cakes, make jams and chutneys, grow plants, bake bread, make crafts, paint pictures  practically anything that someone has actually say down and made at home with their own hands. bakingAs part of our effort to regenerate and rebuild the economy and community in Great Lever we would like to pull together all of those talented community members who make things and then hold regular markets and Bazaars at different venues in the area, for our Outdoor market Graham the landlord of Southfields Pub on Green Lane has kindly allowed us to use the pub carkpark to pitch up our stalls, for indoor venues there are various community centres available throughout Great Lever that we will utilize from time to time.


We are very aware that many members of our community are struggling with the imposed austerity cuts and the prevailing economic recession and money is very tight for many of us, so with this in mind we would also encourage people to feel free to trade and swap their products with other people who make products in the community, by combining cash sales with items you have swapped or traded you have come away from the market with greater gains than if you had just relied on cash sales. So if you see other stalls with things that you need, dont be shy, approach the stall holder and see if they would like to trade things that you have both made.

So if you make something at home or know someone else who makes things and is interested in the possibility of becoming involved in our ‘Made in Great Lever’ project please get in touch please send us a message through this blog, we will also post updates in Great Lever connected on Facebook and also in the Neighbourhood works in Great Lever facebook group.



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