2014: Our work continues

Today we returned to work on our project after a Festive Break that has lasted around three weeks. Our main tasks today are building more raised beds for the coming growing season, on site today were myself, Chris and Rick from Bolton at Home, and a later appearance from Richard who also runs his project from the site. Firstly DCIM100MEDIAWe measured and laid out the timber lengths in the places where they would be permanently situated.


Due to working in a friendly and relaxed manner without pressure we managed to get most of the timbers measured, cut and laid out ready for fixing them next week. There is a lot to be said for people working under there own steam, particularly in relation to the effort and attention to detail that takes place without some supervisor bellowing orders out and clock watching


These particular beds vary from the beds we made last year and that they are only tier high, these beds will accommodate leaf and salad crops, and the huge amount of beans and peas that we intend to grow this year as a protein crop.



By the end of the morning we had set out the timbers for around eight new raised beds, this will significantly enhance our growing space this season, which in turn means that we will be able to grow more plants for use in workshops and within the community in general, so all in all, despite the drab grey of January we managed to have quite a productive day in our work, and are looking forward to getting stuck during next week.






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