Thank you to all who helped us in 2013

To make a Community project come to life it is never the individual that is able to achieve this unaided, just as communities are made of diverse strands of people, so too is the coming together of a community group. Our Community Roots Permaculture Project has is coming to the end of its first year in existence, it has been a slow but productive year, things have developed in an organic fashion with many hands making the work lighter, as the saying goes. So we just want to take some time out in the piece to thank everyone who has helped and supported us in whatever way they have been able to with either their skills or their resources. many handsThe first person on our list that we would like to thank is Graeme the Landlord of Southfields pub who is allowing us to use the disused tennis courts in the grounds of his Pub, Graeme is community minded man, sells great food and Ale and has been very supportive of what we are trying to achieve. The next person and organization that we would like to thank is Community Development Officer Chris Wood of Bolton at home, Chris and B.A.H have provided a variety of support, from funding, connecting us up with other community groups and members, and also hands on help down at the site with the building of our shelter and the construction of the raised vegetable beds. Chris’s professional and friendly approach whilst on our project has been great for us and has really helped us along. DCIM100MEDIA  Gary Stanyard formally of Forever Manchester also supported the project in its early days with his valuable connections, and mild mannered chilled out approach to his work to which he was fully committed.  Shouts out go to Raise the Youth, The pop in and Learn pop up cafe for their banking assistance and our likely future partnerships, and to Transition Towns Bolton for promoting our work,  shouts also going to Anthony Axfords out local timber supplier for sorting us out with affordable and good quality timber for the project, we would also like thank Groundwork and the Princes Trust crew for giving us a multi handed effort with some of the heavier work on the site. COMMUNITY ROOTS FLYER - FINISHED ONE!

You have all really helped us a lot this year in putting our infrastructure in place, and for that we will never forget, onwards and upwards!



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