How to Grow your own food Workshop

Food prices are rising rapidly due to our changing climate and stock market traders gambling on the price of staple foodstuffs, and our response to this is that we grow as much of our own food as we can as a means of ensuring that we are able to feed ourselves and our families. Then there is the age old issue of knowing where your food has come from and how it has been grown.From the 28th of August onwards we will be running a Gardeners workshop every Tuesday morning from 10-12.30pm in the disused tennis courts in the grounds of Southfields Pub in Great Lever, during these sessions we will look at different aspects of organic food production and how we might best grow it in the spaces that we have at home. As we are a new community group we are asking the people pay £2.50 or a small donation for each session. Some of the monies accrued for the sessions will go towards buying seeds for next season in 2014. sunflower

Growing Together!

Our greatest wish that come from these sessions is that people who attend them get to know and help each other out with the task of growing their own food at home, in time we would like to see a local gardening team made up of local residents who go and spend an hour and have a cuppa whilst helping someone to grow their own food in the garden or yard. growing together


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