Great Lever Permaculture project update

Today at the disused tennis courts site, despite the searing heat we had a great turn out with Community development worker Chris Wood and two young people whom he brought along to volunteer on the project as part of a work experience placement they were doing in the final year of the secondary education. IMG_1196As I have mentioned in earlier posts the youth are getting a real hard time as a result of the Bankers credit crunch, and if we can help in any way then we will. Between the four of us we dug out and fitted one of the small ponds, did some planting on and weeding. IMG_1197

Later in the afternoon after a series of short and much needed siestas due to the blazing heat, a planted out 3 crab apple trees and their medicinal chive accompaniment which should help to keep the trees disease free. The idea with this area is to create a small but productive forest garden, this area will provide us with the resources we need for next years wine and ale making workshops that we will be running throughout the summer. IMG_1199



I have to say, and its strange saying because this phase of Bolton Urban growers manifestation is my baby so to speak, I feel deeply honoured and totally humbled to be part of what is happening and by the help and enthusiasm of other people coming into and helping to develop the project, the learning curve here is for everyone, I might well have a piece of paper from a University that says I am qualified to teach, but that doesn’t mean make a figure of authority, rather someone who wants share what he knows, and learn from others that which I dont know.


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