Supporting the Youth in Great Lever

Along with refugees, asylum seekers, migrant workers and Muslim people, our Youth have been subjected to a constant and sustained assault by the right wing media machine that controls the content of the press, the abuse ranges from the derogatory labeling of our young people as ‘Chavs’ and ‘Scallies’ to lazy, aggressive work shy, and out of their heads on drugs and drink, but as is usually the case the backward knuckle dragging posturing of these tatty worthless tabloid newspapers holds more bullshit than your average busy cattle farm. CHAV PIC So let us explore and expose some of the cultural detritus that our youth have had to contend with over the last decade or so, and if we do not expose and confront the underlying causes of these issues then we can expect things to get much worse for our youth as they struggle to carve out lives for themselves amidst all of the negative stereotypes and labeling that is being forced upon them by politicians and their media whore lowlifes who keen to blame young people for their own failed and flawed methods and models.

Young people as cash cow commodities

Our young people were targeted as potential consumers and cash cows for a greedy and cynical consumer market a long time ago, they were bombarded with advertisements and marketing ploys to extract as much money from them and their families as possible without regard to any possible ramifications that might come from this, young peopel consumersas expected our youth wanted it all, and they wanted it now! But lets not forget the fact that this selfishness was sold to them as something that is morally acceptable by a market place who’s only interest was getting Mum and Dad to cough up for the latest games consoles and Iphones, this behavior was taught to our youth through sly and repetitious advertising campaigns that were designed for maximum profit.

The Bankers credit crunch

The credit crunch of 2008 that occurred as a result of wholesale and reckless gambling by a greedy and unethical banking sector has left our Youth without any sort of meaningful future, youth unemployment in young people aged between 18-25 in the UK stands at around 20% of the total workforce, this has come about as a direct result of the actions of the global banking sector and is much higher in some European countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy were youth unemployment is around 50% of the total workforce, yet our government and politicians have offered nothing in terms of solutions to the problem created by their friends in the City of London’s banking gambling dens.

Get a job yob!

It is a cynical and lowlife government that allows banks to do as they please whilst demonizing those who are victims of the bankers actions, but this is exactly what has happened here in the UK and elsewhere, as soon as the money ran out our Youth are used targeted and used as a distraction to cover up the chaotic mess created by the bankers and money men, all of a sudden our youth have become a drain on resources, despite the reality being that they have been abused and sold down the river by people who quite frankly dont give a damn about their well being and future. On top of this abuse by our elected leaders and the parasitic consumer culture that it promotes and supports, there is also issues of how our law and order bodies are dealing with this, there are constant complaints about the heavy handed actions of Police in many working class communities, where Youth are simply seen as worthless criminal lowlifes, but all of this came to a head in an unconscious explosion of anger and desperation in the riots of 2011 when thousands of our youth took to the streets in towns and cities up and down the length and breadth of the country and rioted and looted, as per usual the right wing media machine was quick to paint a picture of our youth as violent opportunist yobs hell bent on destruction, however during the aftermath of the riots many young people explained that were sick of being left on the heap, and sick of police harassment. riot1

Young people are the future

We like to bang on about how the youth should show respect to their elders, but this really is a none starter when they are told that its OK for them to be selfish and greedy, we cant have it both ways, either we start to treat our young people with some level of consideration and try to understand how things run in their world and try and make things better for them, or we continue to bury our head in the sands and blame them for actions that we have instilled in them ourselves.

Role models

When I was a youth I was fortunate and lucky enough to have punk rock as something that empowered me, punk challenged the preconceptions of society, it exposed the mechanisms of injustice and promoted the DIY (do it yourself) ethos as a solution to dealing with the crap that we were confronted with, our youth have not had this, they have been bombarded with images of rich talentless celebrities showing off their decadent ‘easy come’ wealth as if this is something to aspire to that can be easily achieved, but lets get realistic about this, the chances of becoming famous quickly is a myth sold to us by advertisers and industry idiots, there is no such a thing as quick money and wealth. We also have an absurd situation where out politicians are fiddling expenses wholesale and using their political positions to make money from sordid and shady financial transactions, yet these very same people will then turn around and demand that our youth behave themselves and acts responsibly, considering this hypocrisy, its no wonder our young people get pissed off and disinterested in politics and our lying Politicians.

Criminal injustice system

Our judicial system is nothing short of a joke, when young people have the misfortune of ending up in prison they are locked up in their sells for long periods of time, and are basically treated as consumers even when behind bars, its a case of give them a play station console and a TV and lock the door until they are finally released from custody. This isn’t to say that that are not some good educational opportunities in prisons, but to me the whole way that prison is designed is like a safe house for our youth when things get too much in the outside world, and so not only is our economic system failing them, but also our judicial systems, if we were to offer models of organic education in our prisons and Youth offenders institutes it would be deemed too political as they would suddenly become of aware of why they are in the predicament that they are in. judge shit

Supporting the Youth in Great Lever

We recognize and understand fully that our young people have been fitted up by a system that is only interested in how much they spend as consumers as opposed to how much they can contribute to making their own lives, and the lives of others in their community better, and this is why our project at the disused tennis courts in Southfields pub in Great Lever wholeheartedly supports the up-skilling and mobility of our youth as a way of fighting back against the appalling inequality that has been metered out to them by the financial and political elite in this country. Our courses and sessions from July onwards this year, and we hope to develop them much further once our project is up and running fully.


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