And so we have finally begun to see some further movement as we convert the old tennis courts in Southfields into an outdoor Urban permaculture and learning space, today we came mob handed and armed with all manner of high tech tools such as wheelbarrows and spades, Chris Wood community development officer finished off the remainder of the raised beds in the morning, and helped carry in the railway sleepers, then our two volunteers and gardener Rickie turned up to lend a hand moving the 4 tons of topsoil that had been dropped on the banks of the bowling green. DCIM100MEDIABetween us managed to move the 4 tons of soil within the afternoon, by the time we had moved last barrow load the sun was shining on full belt and we all sat together with a pint of cold beer from the Pub.

Locally sourced materials

Due to the fact that our site was once a tennis court we have had to bring in much of what we are using to develop the site, and because of this, we have ensured that everything we bring in in terms of inputs are sourced locally, and by locally i mean a mile away, at least this way we reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere and help to keep some money in the local economy. DCIM100MEDIA


The next stage

Now that all of the raised beds are put together and soil is onsite, the next stage of our work is the enjoyable job of gardening, I cycled over to the site early this morning and planted two beds of herbs close to where the shelter and kitchen will be for easy access, during the next week we will be planting an awful lot of stuff on site, including, squashes, kale, peas, chervil, parsley, cabbages, and purple sprouting broccoli, to name but a few. With work accelerating at a faster space we expect to be able to announce a date for our open day in July.


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