Local home production in Great Lever

Fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs are expensive to buy, and if you want produce that is organic then this can be out of the price range of many people and since food is so importent to our well being that we try to encourage people to grow as much of their own as possibe. We are now in the middle of June and this a quick update on cropping and prepairing our back garden produce.

After over a week of lovely hot weather and a few days of rain everything that is growing is now going for it and bursting into its own, in our garden there has been a good supply of salad leaves for the last 6 weeks and now it is the turn of the herbs to give us a yield And also let us not forget rhubarb, this year I have managed to make five gallons of wine from my rhubarb patch, and there is still some left to crop! IMG_1055

Earlier today I chopped up a huge bowl of flat leaf parsley and a huge of bowl of Oregano from the back garden and made two big lost of pesto, I then spooned the mixture into ice cube trays and froze the lot, this will last us now for all pasta dishes well into the autumn. I have also been supplimenting my usual ‘bought’ tea intake by making tea with mint and lemon balm, this will also last well into the autumn and beyond when I dry out and store some of the leaves later in the season. DCIM100MEDIA

All of what I managed to grow up to now was done in a small section of an urban back garden, the produce I have made from these grown recouses will last for months, and will have added value of the fact that they were grown where they will be eaten, they will also be free of chemicals, food miles and all of the other associated ecological damage that occurs in industrial foor production and processing, and what is great about this particularly in an economic ression is the fact that growing making these things costs very the little.


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