Making good progress and building community in Great Lever

“The single greatest lesson the garden teaches is that our relationship to the planet need not be zero-sum, and that as long as the sun still shines and people still can plan and plant, think and do, we can, if we bother to try, find ways to provide for ourselves without diminishing the world. ” – Michael Pollan


This weeks work on the site of the old tennis courts in the grounds of Southfields Pub has come on leaps and bounds due to the help from some local community members who pitched in to make the raised beds which will form part of the sites layout. That old saying ‘many hands make light work’ is almost always a trueism, and this case is no exception. Great Lever born Community development worker Chris Wood employed his skills in the making of the raised beds DCIM100MEDIAwhilst others including local gardener Rickie helped to clear the pathway of weeds and unwanted clumps of grass so that wheelchairs are able to have easy and comforable access to the site once it is up and running, and big Phil a local support worker lent a hand making raised the beds on his day off from work , DCIM100MEDIAWhat seemed like an awesome task a month of so ago is now becoming somewhat easier as we get ever closer to opening the site as an outdoor college and learning hub for sustainable urban food production to enable people a level of food inclusivity set against a background of economic bankruptcy, social decay and ever rising prices.

All in this together!

In these difficult times, I have mentioned on a number of occasions that it is tantamount to our own health and well being that we begin to grow and make the resources that we use on an everday basis in our backyards and gardens, and the more of us who do this and help us to do the same, the more we create community and resiliance against the dire economic situation that many of us face, We need to reclaim  David Camerons ‘We are all in this together’ that he used tell us all that we were about to begin paying for the appalling mess that a greedy and bloated banking sector had done to our economy and livelyhoods , greedy-man1to me when I think about the saying ‘We are all in this together’ in the real world, its means that We as a community are in the same economic predicament, and because of this we can work our way out of it together, i cant see an easier and more fullfilling way of getting out of this imposed predicament that many of us face.

Community building in the area!

After most of the work had been carried out on this weeks visit to the site I decided to stay on and sow some seeds into trays ready for the raised beds further into summer, whilst I stopped and sat on a rock with a brew that I had made on my rocket stove DCIM100MEDIA a man walked over and asked me what I was doing, I explained to him the idea behind the project and he mentioned that his partner would be interested in getting involved, so I drank the rest of my brew and walked up to the beer garden where his partner was sitting, we struck up a good and flowing conversation about a range of subjects from criminology, gardening,  to sustainable energy and local food production, so we now have a new person involved in the project as a volunteer who we will be able to skill up, and learn from at the same time,  she also has a small garden where she would like to grow some food which we would be able to her help her with, I was also bowled over when her partner called me on my phone the day after we’d met offering his skills and time to volunteer on the project.


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