A very Urban Permaculture garden in Pictures

Here is a collection of pictures taken of our Urban permaculture garden in Great Laver in Bolton. The pictures were all taken within the last 3 years. The back garden is a dual functional design with dozens of  annual and perennial flowers helping the bees and other pollinators whilst the rest of the garden provides us with salad leaves, herbs, beans, hops, blueberries and blackcurrents.





Is it suprising how much food you can grow in a small to medium urban garden, this huge mass of broad beans and rat tail radish pods last us for monthsIMG_0866




Hop vines climb over the arches on the pathway, prodiving a useful vertical growing space, and some shade on the path during hotter days.





The hops a week or so before they were cropped, I managed to make 3 40 pints batches of ale from this particular crop





This area is right outside the backdoor and is planted with self seeding and perennial herbs and salad leaves, this area is a constant source of resources most of the year round.






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