Plants that do well in our changing North west UK climate

Gardening and growing has become an entirely different thing during the last decade, mainly down to the effects of our changing climate, here in Bolton the situation is no different, yearly weather and seasonal patterns are out of kilther and this is something that we should seriously think about as we try to grow our own resources, we simply cannot rely on the sowing dates given on seed packs any more. I thought it a good idea to share some of the plants that seem to have adaptability in our ever changing climate, some are common or garden household names, others a little more obsurc.

Flat leafed Italian Parsley – An abundant bi-annual plant that puts up with most tempretures and gives a high and useful yeald. flat leaf parsley




Good King Henry (Lincs spinach) a useful spinach type edible perennial vegetable, provides a lot of edible leaves once established. lincs





Broad Beans – For the last decade my broad bean crop has been excellent ragardless of the changes in our climate, this counts both the standard planting and over wintering variaties. Broad-Bean-Sutton-9063






Oca – A small South American tuber type plant, like the potato but the fruits are smaller and taste a little lemony, oca are completely blight resistant which makes it an importent plant when blight is effecting our national potato production. Multicolored-oca





Giant winter spinach – A hard as nails variety of spinach that I grow through the winter, a valuable source of greens during the dark days of winter with lots of large leaves, also seeds well and worth collecting from for next year.

ginat spin







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