local community resource economies

‘We are all in this together’ announced Prime Minister David Cameron as he embarked on his transfer of wealth from the poor to Rich via what Mr Cameron and every other Government in bed with the banking sector refers to as Austerity measures.  The Banks of gambled away and lost all of their money and now they are after ours, they want our services to break up and sell off, same with our schools and health service, this is the privatization of everything that is commonly owned that we have created through paying our taxes. greedy-bankersOn top of this will be expected to work harder to pay off the bankers debts as this sector sucks in any real money that is in the economy.

Together Communities are the solution

And of course along with these Austerity measures comes poverty, deprivation and desperation, but we believe that if communities begin to grow and make their own shared resources that we can begin to move away from the destructive Neoliberal economic model which simply exists to protect the wealth and interests of the rich. Locally generated resources are independent from stocks markets and banks, and they dont require that you work 40-50 hours per week on minimum wage to obtain them. When a community begins to generate its own resources Governments and cooperation lose their control over them, then we can start to tell a new story and build a new future based on looking out for and caring for each other, we can only achieve this by coming together, if we dont come together then we are not strong, and the bankers, billionaires and technocrats will rule over us and our lives, this has to be a community effort.

Urban Permaculture

Using knowledge tried and tested and passed down through many generations we now know that we can generate our resources locally and provide solutions to our damaged urban ecosystems at the same time. Bolton Urban Growers will fully utilize permaculture principles and methods in its Great Lever project, our aim is to grow resilient edible perennial food systems in and around our area that will provide us with resources into the future as opposed to completley relying on modern agriculture and the yearly sowing and ploughing of the tired soil. PermaculturePrinciples-2


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