Bolton Urban Growers – Traditional and useful skills workshops in Great Lever 2013

Now that the extended winter seems to have finally gone and spring is springing, we thought that it was a good opportunity and the right time to mention our up and coming workshops that will be happening within Great Lever during the spring summer and autumn of this year.

Fighting back, building community, learning new skills, saving money!

Our workshops are designed to help you learn new and traditional skills and save money set against a backdrop of imposed economic austerity measures, low pay and recession. We also encourage people at our sessions to get to know others as a means of sharing skills and knowledge and helping to build lasting communities over time. Our end aim is to create self sufficient communities who are able to provide a good deal of their own food and every day needs at a local level.
We will to try and keep the prices of workshops down to a minimum so that they are affordable to all, and if you cant afford them, dont worry, you can always help us out in our garden in exchange for a workshop place. The dates and venues for these workshops will be posted within the next two weeks, most of the sessions will take place on the site of the old tennis courts situated in the grounds of the Southfields public house in Great Lever, the urban foraging sessions will take place within the wider Great Lever area covering 3 or four different sites.

Practical Workshops

  • Bread baking – Bake your own delicious bread from scratch and save money
  • Jam making and food preserving – preserve food so you’ve got something to eat in the winter time
  • Cookery basics – learn how to make tasty and healthy food using basic ingredients
  • Grow and make your own cleaning products – grow make you own eco friendly, natural and cheap household cleaning
  • One pot budget cooking – Curries, stews, casseroles and other hearty dishes
  • Growing herbs for health – people have used herbs as medicines for thousands of years, this session will show you how to grow herbs and will describe their uses.
  • Food growing in small spaces – window sill salad bars, vertical growing, shed roof growing
  • Urban foraging days out (3 walks to run through spring, summer and Autumn)
  • Fruit cordial and wine making – using locally picked and foraged summer fruits
  • Introduction to permaculture – a one day course that will consist of a morning of class based learning and an afternoon of action learning where we will look at permaculture applied in our community garden.
  • Rocket stove workshop – how to make your own carbon free outdoor cooker
  • Latch hook rug making – make your own warm rugs using old end balls of wool
  • Repair and mend – how to get more life out of your clothes by repairing them
  • Grow your own brewery – backyard hop growing and traditional ale making
  • Community guest sessions – guest work shop sessions will consist of members of Great Levers diverse community delivering a session on the theme of learning a useful traditional skill.
  • Seed ball workshops – make you own seed balls and get involved in guerrilla gardening!



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