crossing the rubicon

We are at a point in human history where we have made ourselves ill, the planet ill, and most of the other inhabitants of the planet ill, and all for the sake of the material gain and mindless consumption. we are now in a situation where there is multiple systemic failures within the mechanisms and functions of how we work, how we make a living, how we treat nature, and how we treat ourselves and our relationship between ourselves and nature, which we ultimately a part of. tarsands

The fact that all of these systems are steadfastly fixed to the delusional infinite growth model of capitalism means that we will eventually use up all of the planets resources in the not too distant future which of course carries catastrophic consequences for all of us.

The path of destruction that we have chosen to follow seems hard to break due to us being locked into the work and debt model of capitalist social control, people focus more attention on the worry of debt and looming unemployment in the future, it’s a case of heads down, work hard for low pay, and try and keep your head above water and ignore what is going on in the world outside your window, and this is exactly how the worlds Neoliberal leaders who pushing the protecting the infinite growth model like it to be. lemmings


But we have reached a point of no return, the monetary system and money are effectively dead, climate change is very much here now with our regular unseasonal weather that is being experienced all over the world, the resources we take from nature are running out, in short everything within this interconnected capitalist web of functionality is fucked.

If one component in this interlinked web suffers, so do all of the others. And so we ourselves need to cross a Rubicon, a Rubicon of thinking and doing that we have become so accustomed too has had its day, we need to leave it by the wayside as we cross the bridge into the future. It is now time for ideas and experimental thinking to turn into action, it is the praxis of the present that will shape and inform our low impact and ecologically sound future. Permaculture








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