outdoor cooking

About 6  years ago I stumbled across a video of how to make a rocket stove, it was just what I had been looking for, a way of cooking outdoors with vastly reduced carbon emissions that would run on small amounts of wood and other organic matter. Rocket stoves work by convection, all of the fuel is efficiently burnt inside the chamber, including all of the toxic gases that come from the wood as it burns, this works because the fire chamber is heavily insulted, all of the heat stays contained inside the fire chamber so that by the time the flame reaches the surface of the stove it is very hot, enabling us to boil a pan of water in roughly the same amount of time as it takes for an electric kettle to do the same job. IMG_1114 The stove in the picture to the left is one that I made from a pile of building that I found in the alleyway, this stove was used most of last summer whilst I was working in the garden, and very effective it was too.

Rocket stoves come in all shapes and sizes and for all different situations, for example the stove below is made from cob, bricks and two discarded pedal bin liners, this now forms the basis of my outdoor kitchen. DCIM100MEDIA


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